Shopping Health & Safety

The number of insurance liability frauds – including so-called ‘slip and trip’ accidents – jumped by 75% last year, according to industry figures. In total there were 19,800 cases of bogus liability claims, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said.

In one case, a man from Bradford tried to claim £10,000 in damages for slipping on a wet bakery bag in a supermarket.

The man involved, of Hollings Road – said he hurt his head and body after falling down in one of the aisles.But CCTV footage used in evidence by the police helped to prove that he had slipped deliberately.The fraudster was given a 10 month suspended prison sentence.

Don’t let your business fall foul to fraudsters claiming against you for so called health and safety breaches.

As always the best defence for these cases is to prevent them happening. Regularly inspect your premises and keep your floors clean, dry and in good condition. Ensure you have appropriate flooring in place such as anti slip vinyl and barrier matting in areas where floors can become wet.

In areas where the public have access consider using CCTV as a great way to protect your organisation from false claims.

For further assistance with slips, trips and falls please contact JCH Safety LTD.