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JCH Safety can help you meet the current UK regulations applicable to building projects and the safety management which they require. Building projects come with all manner of issues and hazards which, if not addressed correctly, can cause injury or even death to your employees. Construction activities are incredibly hazardous and it is vital that these risks are managed accordingly. Whether it be the risk of falling from height, the possible exposure to asbestos or the risks from chemicals, the hazards must be appropriately considered, risk assessed, and controlled.

We are on hand to assist your business to have practical systems and correct procedures in place. These will help to prevent your organisation suffering the consequences of poor health and safety practices, including serious injury to your team, prosecution, and negative media publicity. Keep your team, your property and your reputation safe by managing safety properly from the outset of a project.

From helping you to determine that you have the right safety practices in place, to conducting a full building project audit, JCH Safety can assist with all aspects of occupational health and safety relevant to building, maintenance and refurbishment works.

Regardless of the type of building project your business might undertake, it’s vital to ensure you have adequate health and safety protocols in place. The UK governing body for Health & Safety, the HSE, has a range of information on construction safety & the correct management procedures. These are a great source for information. See our Resources page for more details.

With building, construction and renovation works, the client has considerable health and safety responsibilities. It is imperative that regardless of whether you are the client, the contractor or part of the design team, you understand your duties. This is particularly important now with the introduction of the updated Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

JCH Safety, Nuneaton is fully versed in the health and safety duties and responsibilities in the construction industry. Working throughout Coventry & Warwickshire, one of our fully trained consultants will provide you with the correct information and advice around your safety needs.

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Do you provide your contractors with adequate pre-contract information?

Under regulations in place, particularly the CDM Regulations (2015), companies now have a number of duties to perform to ensure they are following all UK regulations whilst planning and undertaking building and refurbishment works. To find out more about these please see the guidance provided by the HSE or feel free to contact us to discuss your concerns. The key duties Clients have under CDM 2015 are:


Educational Boards & Schools often fail to meet the high standards set out by governing bodies for educational health and safety. Under CDM regulations Schools have set criteria they must meet and facilitate for.

JCH Safety can help you overcome these issues and also become the eyes and ears for your business while representing you at meetings with CDM Coordinators, assisting you to appoint a CDM-C, liaising with contractors, architects, designers and suppliers.

We can also help if you are due a spot check by the HSE by ensuring we are on site to answer any questions they might have about the health and safety procedures you have in place.


JCH Safety is one of the most competitive health and safety consultancies in the West Midlands, this will allow you to hire us for any type of project you might have while ensuring you can keep your overheads down to a complete minimum.

Find out more today on how JCH Safety can help with your building project health and safety needs.

  • Appoint the right people at the right time
  • Ensure there are arrangements in place for managing and organising the project
  • Allow adequate time
  • Provide information to your designer and contractor
  • Communicate with your designer and building contractor
  • Ensure adequate welfare facilities on site
  • Ensure a construction phase plan is in place
  • Keep the health and safety file
  • Protecting members of the public, including your employees
  • Ensure workplaces are designed correctly
Building Project Management

Public Health & Safety Services

Often businesses and public sector organisations undertake building and refurbishment works in order to facilitate expansion. Either you are expecting a larger intake of students, or the demand for your products/services has increased and you need to improve your facilities to handle the demand. As a result you are probably already extremely busy and that is prior to commencing the property alterations.

In this environment it is particularly important to ensure that you have access to competent advice to make sure that you do everything that is expected of you. This is particularly relevant if you do not have much experience in managing building projects. Are you aware that you have to provide designers and contractors with pre-construction information? Do you really know the hazards that your existing property has? Do you have up to date information about access to your roof or information about asbestos and ground conditions? These are all areas which may need to be considered prior to commencing building works. Have a read through our Blog, there are some tragic outcomes identified where the correct planning was not carried out.

JCH Safety can help you overcome these issues. We can become the eyes and ears for your business while accompanying you at meetings with Principle Contractors, assisting you to appoint a CDM-C / Principle Designer, liaising with sub-contractors, architects, designers and suppliers. There can be lots to do in planning and undertaking projects and health and safety must be considered throughout the process. Also, remember that it doesn’t matter how large the project is. If you are having building works done the hazards must be managed.
JCH Safety is one of the most competitive health and safety consultancies in the West Midlands. This will allow you to hire us for any type of project you might have while ensuring you can keep your overheads down to a complete minimum whilst giving you the peace of mind that you are doing the things you need to!

Find out more today on how JCH Safety can help with your building project health and safety needs.