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Education Services – Health & Safety for Schools

Schools can be dangerous places. It is vital to ensure that schools and academies have effective fire, health and safety support available. As budgets get tighter and resources more limited, it is important for governors, headteachers and school business managers to look for new approaches.

JCH Safety has many years of experience in providing health and safety management support to schools. We have implemented effective health and safety schemes to allow school business managers to be confident that they are in safe hands. As our clients, we put you first and ensure that we are there to proactively assist you in your legal duties. We can provide documentation, policies, inspections, audits, advice and training to make sure that you are compliant with your legal requirements.

JCH Safety provide dedicated safety experts who build up a detailed knowledge of your school and a professional relationship that you can depend on. We are available to provide our services through term contracts, for annual fixed fees, or for specific tasks such as carrying out a fire risk assessment.

In light of the recent Grenfell Tower disaster, JCH Safety has been working with organisations to improve fire safety. We have been developing new strategies for evacuation, training fire marshals, and making sure that their fire safety management is compliant. If you require any assistance in this areas, or if your evacuation is taking too long (over 4 minutes), then please get in touch. We can help you to rectify this.

JCH Safety appreciate that many schools and academies traditionally have bought in health and safety services from the local authority. JCH Safety are confident that we can bring about considerable savings and improve your level of service. We would happily provide you with a free initial consultation to discuss your existing arrangements and to see where we could add value and reduce costs. We are so confident in our services that we do not request long service agreements. Our contracts are based on annual agreements with just a three month break clause. We want our clients to choose to stay with us. Please get in touch to find out more or feel free to ask us a question.